Our Philosophy

Dream . Train . Achieve

You have a dream to accomplish a challenging milestone you have set for yourself?

Dreaming alone is not enough, unless you back it up with commitment to work for it.

At Trinomics, we believe that if you have a dream, we are here to help you embark on the life changing journey to accomplish it. Every athlete is unique and it requires a fair balance of data driven approach and customisation to get him ready for this journey.

We understand that you have a demanding professional career and strive to create a balance with your personal commitments. Our methodology focuses on aspects beyond just the workouts to help you pursue the passion without creating an imbalance and also improve your performance.

Our moto “Dream . Train . Achieve” is a reflection of our role in helping you train and bridge the journey between you and your dreams.

What We Offer

Help you train for your goal


Customised training plan for Age Group athletes striving for balance between family, work life and their passion for short and long distance triathlons


Special focus from experts on nutrition, an important elements which many triathletes tend to ignore in their relentless pursuit of training for hours

Strength & Conditioning

Special focus of incorporating functional exercises which help in improving athletic performance, reducing risks for injuries and improving overall fitness and mobility

General Fitness

Crash diets are not sustainable and healthy, we advise you on integrating changes in lifestyle that have a long lasting impact on your overall health and fitness

About Siddhant

Siddhant got introduced to the world of triathlon at a time when he was not pursuing any of the three disciplines. A national level basketball player, he began his journey as a runner in 2014 at Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and eventually took on to cycling. An avid cyclist, he did his first triathlon at Ironman 70.3 Bintan in 2016 and completed Ironman France at Nice in July 2017. His interest in Xtreme triathlons drove him to become the first Indian to complete Celtman Scottish Xtreme Triathlon in June 2018. He earned the title of Super Randonneur in 2016-17 season from Audax Club Parisien after completing brevet rides for 200kms, 300kms, 400kms and 600kms. Siddhant is an Ironman Certified Coach and has helped numerous athletes achieve their Ironman title while working with Deepak Raj at YOSKA.

In his quest to become an accomplished age-group athlete, Siddhant has chalked out a blue print which will help him achieve his goals over the next few years. Trinomics is his project aimed at developing an ecosystem which is conducive and becomes a go-to-source for budding triathletes in India. Stay tuned for more.


Training under Sidhant and Deepak has been a fulfilling journey. The calibrated approach and the adaptive training not only takes your fitness into account but also adapts to your other commitments. I found the approach of restructuring workouts based on your adherence to schedule a much needed requirement for working professionals. The app is the icing on the cake, with tit bits of information flow making you a more informed and ready tri athlete.

Mohit Choubey

As I have said before, the wisest decision I took for my Ironman Training was to sign up with Siddhant and Deepak. They were hands on coaches and always reverted with answers to my doubts promptly. Had I not followed their plan, I would have done much larger volumes of all 3 disciplines and with much less effectiveness. Full credit to their plan, feedback and inputs for my super successful race, where I finished much faster and stronger than I would imagine.

Amit Chaturvedi

The workout plan was balanced and looked very doable. It helped me build my stamina gradually without me even realizing or having any difficulty. The Nutrition tips were great. The App is easy to use. All in all it was a satisfying experience.

Dr. Sadhna Arya

It was a pleasure to learn from Sid. His patience and calm nature helps you alot when you start stressing and panicking. He always addresses your queries to very detail. You get all the knowledge and information required proactively and you don't feel like lost. I would always recommend him as a coach and a friend ofcourse.

Himani Agarwal

My first experience of getting coached and I was so much stress free! Your structured plan worked wonderful! It wasn’t killing at all! Pretty manageable and it got me to the finish line smiling and without any major muscle soreness at the end of it! I benefitted the most from your cycling workouts! Then the strength training schedule (Short but effective). The nutrition plan you write is spot on!

Dr. Leena Baldwa

every aspect was helpful, with very little knowledge of triathlon it was the training plans the nutrition, hydration and the recovery all the things which I was unaware of. just being an average marathon runner I did not have any knowledge of all this and everything worked on absolute perfect.

Ansh Agarwal


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