What is Trinomics

Story of our lives

It is typical for anyone born in a middle class family in India – the first half of your life goes by pursuing goals, which help you elevate your standard of living and earn you some privileges, which your parents couldn’t afford. And in the pursuit, successful or not, you end up becoming complacent and comfortable in a routine – no matter how rotten it makes you feel. Mid-life crisis strikes and you come across something that makes your heart pound and brings a tingle in your eyes. But you have already buried yourself under so many responsibilities and have a lifestyle that is high maintenance.  Living two parallel lives, you strive to do justice to both. And the fear and risk averse mold that you have set yourself in never allows you go realize your true potential. So what is your true potential and what lies beyond your fears?

To the start

I hated running, even when I represented my state at national basketball championship. Sounds strange? Of course! But yet ended up signing up for my first half marathon to raise funds for charity. Ran a few kilometers and surprised myself. Ran 21.1 and was over the moon. Was fascinated by a video I saw of Norseman Triathlon, but was this an appropriate side to venture when we were trying to raise a 6 month old at home? Absolutely not! But got the support to take the plunge – I couldn’t fail. With the fear out, decided to sign up for my first triathlon. Spoke to a coach thousands of miles away and began training. First day in the pool, could barely manage 25 meters. The story dint change for next 3 months. I was scared about this state with just one month to go, I just shut my mind and got the job done. No open water experience and straight out to IM 70.3 event in Bintan. Check. IM France. Check. Celtman 2018. Check.

2013 to 2018

Kept ticking off one thing after the other and kept surprising myself. For a douchebag who was over 100kgs and could annihilate 4-5 pizzas just as starters, this was unimaginable. For I had lost all hopes of returning back to sports after getting caught up in a race to move from one milestone to the other. Until recent developments in life, which hit me hard and made me think – we take life for granted. If you have a dream, you must give it your 100% – the spirit and ideology which I always took to the playing field and made me the underdog punching above my weight. 

What is Trinomics?

Trinomics – is a project, a dream, a journey, which I am embarking upon to get to the goals I have set for my self – a qualifying slot at Ironman World Championship and All Xtri World Championship. It seems far away from where I currently stand, but where I have reached today is also quite far from where I started. This will require complete dedication – 100% game face every single day until I make it there. It requires a single-minded focus and support from all quarters, realignment of priorities and taking whatever measures required to channelize energy in one direction. And all of this while balancing the other duties – right from work to family to my 3 growing kids (2 of them have 4 legs). Some of it is already underway. 

What it means for you?

I see Trinomics also as a channel to help and assist many other age group athletes, like me, who are committed and have similar goals. During my journey I will be tapping into knowledge resources and experts into various related domain who have the know-how of what it takes to get where I want. Right from training strategies, planning race calendar, strength and conditioning, nutrition, rehab and race day psychology. I will be happy to share some this with my athletes and trainees as I go along. If you have any queries, please feel free to reach out to me. Even I if I don’t have an answer, I will put in the research required. In the days to come you will see a lot more developments, announcements, collaborations, engagements on this platform. So stay tuned!

Last but not the least, I express gratitude for every individual – coach, family, friends, sponsors and office colleagues who have had a role to play in my journey so far. And I hope I will continue to get your strong support as I proceed ahead on this journey ahead.

  • Abhay Bhanot
    July 8, 2019 at 3:16 pm

    Woah…way to go Sid…All the best with your goals and this new venture..cheers buddy

  • Vaish
    July 12, 2019 at 12:36 pm

    Soo cool Sid.. Soo proud of you.. you inspire me

  • Viju
    July 13, 2019 at 6:42 am

    All the best keep it up !
    Looking forward for the expert tips !

  • Apurva Nagmote
    July 13, 2019 at 8:58 am

    Superb champ!! This post of yours has made my day. You have always been an inspiration and would continue to be. I have been thinking of training for triathlons for sometime. Will connect with you.

    A very best of luck.


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